My Trip to Thailand to Study Muay Thai (Part 6) Some Tips About Thailand


Holy smokes, I am quite here!! I’m in Phuket, Thailand, training Muay Thai at Tiger Muay Thai. This has really been a lifelong dream of mineand I am doing this. Not only is that the information of what I am studying fantastic. But the entire’Thai adventure’ has been outside of the world! I would like to take this chance to give you some tips about Thailand, and just share some general observations I made which might be handy to the first-time guest to Thailand.

Living in Thailand is certainly an modification for ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา Westerners. For starters, the climate is unlike anything I had ever experienced. Not exactly 100 degree weather 95% humidity is some thing which definitely took some getting used to.

There’s no Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter-rather there is Rainy Season, and’not-as-much’ Rainy Season. The rain may hit any moment, and then dump large amounts of rain, then be bright and sunny just minutes later.

This made for a few remarkable workout routines at Tiger Muay Thai. The entire camp is out doors, but have tin-roofed awnings which pay it places. The sound of rain pounding on the tin roof and the constant chatter of Thai trainers yelling directions at their students makes an extremely unique and different sound.

The climate is not the only thing different about Thailand. The people are very unique as well. Although my travel experience is somewhat limited, I’ve traveled to some other countries. One thing that I noticed about Thailand, is it is very clean. Shopowners have always seen out front of these shops, sweeping, and picking up garbage.

In addition, I do not remember seeing any displaced people in the inner cities. A number of the homes had been rather humble, but every one appeared to get a roof over their head.

The streets are overwhelmed with motorbikes. Maybe not real bicycles, even though there were a few, Thais use motor scooters being a main mode of transport. Often times you’d observe the entire family on the motorbikes (as much as 5 heavy ). I have no idea how they stay on.

Driving in Thailand can also be an experience. It reminds me of swimming pool. You’ll find motorbikes going in every way possible, with very little acknowledgement of streetlights or signs, yet you rarely saw traffic injuries. After you did, there was consistently a Westerner involved.

I, personally, not leased a motor scooter while in Thailand, though the majority of people do. For starters, they drive on the other side of the street, and I knew I would forget, and then be laid up at a hospital in Thailand… No Thanks! I also watched many foreigners pulled by the police, being calmed. Cops will pull you over and find something amiss with your paper work and extort money out of you. It is stated that arguing with a cop in Thailand is fruitless. Just discover how much that they need, pay it, and be in the road. For me personally, it was not worth it. I took taxis everywhere I moved, and everything is indeed cheep… why not?

There Are a Lot of Falangs Residing in Thailand. Many ex-patriots (expats), from Australia, England, and the united states have made Thailand their own house. It is not abnormal to see BEAUTIFUL young Thai ladies with OLD wrinkled Falangs walking hand in hand. Sadly, these beautiful women are willing to forfeit finding someone to love for some one who are able to financially care for them.

Chinese tourists can also be in abundance in Thailand. They seem to be spending a great deal of money . Together taxi driver said,’It was Americans that spent alot, but it is the Chinese’

Many people in tourist areas speak English. It is taught within their schools. Their English is usually tough to know because their terminology is not Latin-based. They enunciate much differently than Westerners. Tone and pitch may provide exactly the identical word a very different significance.

I strongly recommend learning to speak Thai only a tiny bit before seeing. Thai shopkeepers have one price for foreigners, and still another price tag for Thais. Should they think you can speak the speech a bit, they’ll be far more price-friendly toward you personally.

Thai food is just incredible! I love hot food, and the Thais may bring heat. Needless to say, you’re able to ask for your own food to be maybe not hot, but your robbing yourself of an awesome culinary experience if you do.

A word of warning for individuals purchasing foods out of street-vendors; it really is not unusual to build up what is understood as’Thai Tummy’ from eating food. That’s a polite method of saying you have got the runs.

Most shopkeepers have a Buddhist shrine located somewhere in their enterprise, and so they always keep it stocked with fresh fruit, or money and drinks since gift suggestions on Buddha.

Politically, Thailand is, or I should state was a Democratic Monarchy, meaning that the nation is ruled with a king, and governed by elected officials. There’s been some civil unrest consequently, and a very famous shrine was blown up, murdering several vacationers in attempt to protest the newest government.

The 1 thing you don’t want to do in Thailand is say anything negative about the King. Thais are as passionate in their imperial family because they are Buddha himself. In fact, even the shops which do not have a Buddhist shrine from the store ALWAYS have a picture of the King. Even the King’s image is anywhere… billboards, statues, etc., it’s not necessary to figure who’s accountable. Not merely will Thai people become jaded should you say anything bad about the King, there are stiff penalties for people who do. If you measure to a coin that conveys the King’s picture, then that infraction is punishable by a decade . There was actually an Aussie that got sent to prison for ten years for saying’F&^k the King’ in a pub. My best advise is to stay away of any dialog regarding the King, because, quite frankly, you simply don’t know what will offend them when in regards to him-or the Queen for that matter.

Thais believe your feet are dirty. You should never point your feet toward someone of high status, or even any sort (Statue, film, shrine, etc.. ) of Buddha or the King.

Probably one of the most amazing experiences I had in Thailand was getting Thai massages. I have experienced’Thai massages’ straight back in the us before. Believe in me… They’re perhaps not Thais massages. Thai ladies are truly masters in their craft. They know more about the system than you’re doing. I had them fix harms with no saying a word relating to this. The 1 thing I will caution you around in Thailand… usually do not tell a Thai masseuse that you would like their heaviest pressure. I’d get this above maybe not hard a chef to bring you his hottest dish, and even bad-mouthing the King… DO never because of full pressure, because it is going to HURT! I experienced a 90 lb woman hurt me worse than I’ve been hurt because I came into her shop twice in one day, saying the first time didn’t receive all of the aggravation out. She left me cover!

I’d find, nevertheless, Thai trainings were as much a part of their Muay Thai practice experience as working pads with the trainer. I couldn’t have made it through the whole 3 months without having my own body put back into shape during Thai massage.

You might have observed the conventional bow which Thais work up on greeting you. This bow includes placing both hands into prayer position, and bowing to the person you are greeting. What many do not understand, however, is the positioning of one’s hands is very important. If you place your hands on or below your chin, you’re indicating that you believe yourself to be of a higher class than anyone you’re bowing to. This really is often used as a considerate gesture toward a server, or some one providing something for to you. Placing them onto your own nose exhibits a feeling of mutual respect. This man will be of the same type as you. Praying hands on your forehead could be booked for someone of high regard, and to any image of Buddha or perhaps a monk. Prayer hands above the head is reserved just for the King.

Since this series of articles is approximately muaythai, I suppose that I will include some information regarding this. One of the most sound piece of info I will give you is… HYDRATE! Drink loads of water before, during, and after your workout sessions.

Besides that, enjoy the journey. You will not emerge from an extended stay at Thai camp accident free, so look after your physique.